8 August 2016

Welfare monitor on Dutch dairy farms (video)

This little video introduces a practical method to assess the welfare of dairy cows. This so called ‘welfare monitor’ will  be implemented in the Netherlands. Interested to know more? Watch this video (9 minutes).      

1 August 2016

British dairy farming: little things make a big difference

In September 2015 AHDB Dairy met Joe Delves, from East Sussex, to discuss what decisions he makes as a dairy farmer and the attention to detail that make a big difference to running his business. View the short video here.  

1 August 2016

Business scan helps Belgian dairy farmers innovate (video)

The future starts today. Every dairy farmer realises that dairy farms are a reflection of consumer needs and market signals. Everybody agrees what the future looks like. But what should a dairy farmer do tomorrow? How do these needs and signals correlate to dairy farming? In Belgium the Innovatiesteunpunt (part of farmers union Boerenbond Belgium) has […]

13 June 2016

A Spanish checklist for dairy farmers

What Can Save Europe’s Dairy Farmers? A Spanish Checklist. Current government measures to steer Spain’s dairy sector towards stability are falling short of the mark, according to farming leaders demanding a minimum farmgate price.   The Coordinator of Farmers and Ranchers Organisations (COAG) has dismissed present government drafted agreements as “very generic”, leaving farmers open […]