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8 August 2016

EuroDairy at the annual EGF Congres (Trondheim, 5-8 september 2016)

The 26th EGF General Meeting will be on the main topic of: ‘The Multiple Roles of Grassland in the European Bioeconomy’. EGF is a forum for research workers, advisors, teachers, farmers and policy makers with active interest in all aspects of grasslands in Europe. These aspects include management of all types of grasslands for production, utilization, […]

8 August 2016

Annual meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (Belfast, 29-2 sept. 2016)

This year’s main theme of the annual conferenceis ‘Sustainable Food Production:  Livestock’s Key Role’. This is Europe’s largest animal science conference and will feature 1000 presentations and 1200 delegates. The content will cover the whole range of animal science including genetics, nutrition, animal management and health, physiology, cattle, sheep and goat, pig, poultry and horse […]

1 August 2016

Field report dairy farming in Slovenia

July 2016 the EuroDairy network traveled into Slovenia. The University of Ljublijana hosted this  cross meeting and also planned a field trip to 3 (family) farms in the northern Bled region. It gives good insights in the business needs of Slovenian dairy farmers in the post-quota era. Slovenia has 2.1 million inhabitants. Slovenian agriculture is […]

28 April 2016

Annual conference European Dairy Farmers 2016

The annual EDF Congress is a highlight since EDF’s foundation. Every year more than 300 members, partner and other interested dairy enthusiasts meet to discuss a specific topic and to learn about dairy farming in the host country. Every EDF congress is organized by a different national branch. Participants of the EDF congress can look […]

28 April 2016

Seminar ‘Data revolution: emerging new business models in the agri-food sector’

Development of ICT and sensor based technologies, procedures and software have enormously increased the amount of data collected, and available, in agricultural sectors and through the whole supply chain (from farm to fork). The appearance and adoption of biosensors, nanotechnology, low-cost electronics, the Internet of Things or remote sensing devices, among others, will further boost […]